Why We Oppose Common Core State Standards (summary)


Why We Oppose the Common Core State Standards


Posted 10/22/13, Updated 3/19/14

John Eppolito


Common Core State Standards (CC) are the biggest proposed change to education in the United States in our lifetime!  The name is misleading because they are not “state standards” they are “federal standards.”  Teachers who oppose CC have been silenced.

Common Core is a “one size fits all” attempt to improve education. 


For full article with supporting links Google, “My Incline Village Common Core”



1)   Math – the standards put us two years behind high achieving countries; and similar to “new math.”

2)   English language arts standards are fundamentally flawed: the reading standards are mediocre at best, the writing standards are “intellectual impossibility” for the average middle grade student, there is less literature, inappropriate reading material, and cursive handwriting is eliminated.

3)   The science standards are mediocre at best, there is virtually no math, and some object to the way controversial subjects (evolution and global warming) are taught.
4)   The SAT was dumbed down to align with CC.

5)   CC is incredibly costly to implement.

6)   The standards are flawed and not research based.  The lead writers never taught K-12, and the process was secret.  There were only two content experts on the Validation Committee, those two plus three others, would not sign off on the flawed standards.

7)   Many states signed onto Common Core before seeing the final standards, the reasons; federal funds, and No Child Left Behind waiver.

8)   Common Core has never been tested – PBS: “A major experiment is underway in American public education.”  Others call CC a “massive risky experiment.”  Bill Gates is the largest non-government funder of CC, on 9/21/13 Mr. Gates said: “It will be about a decade before we know if our ‘education stuff’ worked.”  Our children and grandchildren are the guinea pigs.

9)   Education experts oppose CC.

10) There are numerous problems with the ultra-high stakes testing; at least seven states have withdrawn from CC testing.

11) Private schools and home schooled students cannot “escape” CC.

12) Five states did not adopt CC, of the 45 states that adopted CC there is considerable opposition in most of them and litigation to stop, slow, or not fund CC in at least 13 states.

13) CC may be illegal.  Congress was circumvented twice; the creation of CC, and reinterpretation of FERPA laws to allow the intrusive student data collection without parent consent (15 below).

14) The Republican National Convention Spring 2013, and at least seven state Republican Committees, have adopted resolutions rejecting CC.

15) There may be a political agenda with CC.

16) With CC & CC testing there will be intrusive collection, storage, and sharing of personal student data.

17) Political – left and right find common ground opposing CC.

18) Lack of local control - Lack of accountability


NEVADA - In October, 2010 the Nevada State Board of Education approved Common Core with no attempt to get input from teachers, parents, or the public.  CC will cost NV between $151,000,000 and $175,000,000.


www.StopCommonCoreNevada.com       www.TruthInAmericanEducation.com


https://www.facebook.com/groups/456644794408223/   “Nevadans against Common Core State Standards…“ 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/631223740256334/   “Inappropriate Common Core Lessons


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